the transport process

transport route

The transport starts in Little Rock, Arkansas. Volunteers drive 6 hours to Kansas City, Missouri. 

the kansas city connection

In Kansas City, the cats are handed off to a coalition of rescue groups that transport cats and dogs to rescues in 4 states. The routes are driven by volunteers that commit to drive 2-hour legs, sometimes in rescue-owned vans but mostly in personal vehicles.

The remaining 6 hour trip to our rescue partner - Happy Tails Rescue  in Minneapolis, Minnesota - is driven in 3 or 4 legs with volunteers that live along the route.

Destination Reached

Volunteers from our rescue partner complete the process by picking up the transported cats. The cats are assessed and prepared for adoption.

love at the end 

The goal of the transport, of course, is to find good, happy homes for these cats.   Read about 2 of our successes.





Larry, a 1.5-year old cat rescued from a feral colony, was the first of two cats transported. Larry was adopted 4 days after becoming available! His new owner said: Larry has been an absolute delight in my family...Thank you again for bring[ing] this ball of joy into my life.


OG never even made it into a kennel at the store; she was adopted so quickly.  Her adopter said: She prefers to take her naps on my chest or wrapped around my neck.​ She makes my heart melt with her playfulness. She is so tiny, I’ve been calling Bitty Boop.

how many so far?

As of December, 2021, we have sent 90 cats and kittens to Minnesota over a 8-month period; most are adopted within 2 weeks of becoming available! 

Can you help us with future transports?  We're looking for Sponsors.