A Welcome Home Animal Rescue (AWHAR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity founded in 2009 that was created to help stray, homeless, injured and abandoned animals. We go to extraordinary efforts to place dogs and cats in the right home, with the right fit, and to find the right dog for cat for each home, who asks for our help.

AWHAR is proud to announce that we are a grant recipient and a partner with Second Life Atlanta.

Their mission is to support a number of Animal Rescue charities in Georgia, supporting their goal of population control through spay and neutering, as well as assisting with other rescue services. Please visit their website and purchase from their thrift shop, donate, and visit.

We do home visits and we do reference checks with the applicant’s prior or current vet hospitals and clinics.  The vet clinics and hospitals are the primary references needed to document your long-term good care of prior or current animals for our records.  If you do not have a good consistent vet reference, please do not apply. We do consider first time pet owners for some pets, however. We reserve the right to refuse applicants who are not truthful on applications, or who are otherwise deemed not the appropriate fit for any specific animal. Please read about our adoption policies here.

We believe that every animal deserves humane treatment. We believe in our role as caretakers, protecting companion animals who cannot defend themselves, speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves through our actions, words, and example. We are a small group, but we help all of the animals that we can based on our time and budget.  Further, we are well-connected in the community and we may be able to refer people to other resources when we cannot help. We are foster-based and full at the moment; we do not have a shelter where we can take cats or dogs.